Success Stories

Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: KC Samson

We had a wonderful experience with Anthony. He made it very streamlined, listened to exactly what we wanted and looking for. He did an amazing job negotiating. Very happy with everything!

By: Marie Kamineski

Anthony was an amazing realtor to deal with. He was highly recommended by a good friend of ours and now we are recommending him to all of our family and friends. His confidence in the home buying process as well as negotiations helped us calm our nerves. Thank you Anthony- he is our go to guy!

By: Ryan

Anthony is a pleasure to work with. He always going the extra mile for his clients and a is fierce negotiator.

By: Connie

Thank you for all your help!

By: Stacey Burrows

Anthony was incredible to work with. If you are looking for a realtor that will do the hard work and go the extra mile to help you sell your home then I would definitley choose Anthony! Easy to work with, great communication and assertive during negotiations. He gave us great advice along the way and made the best of a difficult tenant situation. I can't say enough good things about how great he was to work with.

By: E. Barr

Anthony has been our realtor now for the past two homes we have purchased. We went back to Anthony to sell the home he helped us purchase three years ago and to help us purchase the second home. He is so knowledgeable about the market, works his tail off, driving from one end of the city to the other to get us into a home to see. We trust him and I would highly recommend Anthony to anyone.

By: Oskar U

Thank you for the Amazing Service. Thanks for making one of my dreams happen!

By: Artem & Olga

Thank you so much for being not only amazing professionals, but what is more important - absolutely fantastic people! We always felt how much you wanted to help us. You were always approachable. You made us feel very special and unique. We loved that you immediately understood what we were looking for. You made a fantastic job calculating all the financials. We bought with you our HOME we were looking for so long. The deal went very smoothly and we always felt your support during every step. Thank you for everything! Thank you for being our Friends!

By: Lee B.

As a self employed 1st time home buyer I had a few challenges to overcome, but with Anthony and Tanya''s expertise and guidance I have just purchased my 1st home! I could not be any happier with how well they handled every aspect of the process and I highly recommend getting in contact with them for your real estate needs. Thank you again for everything Anthony and Tanya, you did an outstanding job!

By: Mike and Vicki Minard

By: Geneve Berkenkamp

I wanted to send my most gracious thank you for all of your help and support on helping me with financing. I have never experienced such superior customer service from a bank/previous mortgage brokers. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues/friends/acquintances if they are looking to buy a home”

By: George and Lorrie

Thank you so much for the help and professional manner that you provided in the sale of our townhouse in Calgary. We have been through the process of selling properties in the past and you helped make this the easiest and less painful of all. Living overseas we foresaw potential difficulties in selling the property, but with your assistance and enthusiasm in marketing the property, the process was made relatively easy. We also appreciate your regular communication and opportunities to discuss strategies. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to any potential seller, or buyer. I don’t believe a more personalized level of service could be found anywhere else. Thank you again George and Lorrie

By: Jeff Q

Tanya overcame the challenges which I brought and the realities of current market conditions and delivered! Her professional skills brought me multiple competing offers. Her personal touch and understanding was a breath of fresh air through out the entire process. I could not recommend any other "mortgage expert".

By: Kei Go-Ramirez

Thank you both so much! It was such a smooth process. Nin Ramz & I were well taken care of.

By: Ralph and Rosa Martinson

Thank you, so much. You and Tanya are the very best realtors we have ever had. Thank you so much for all your help.

By: Ian Ong

Tanya was very informative and organized. It was a stressful time to get both myself and my fiance qualified for a mortgage especially when she just started being self-employed full time. But she made it happen. She made our experience easy and answered all our questions really well.

By: Anne Griffith

Tanya was a life saver when it came time to consolidate my debts and refinance my first mortgage. My existing first mortgage lender spent months finding ways to tell me how they could not assist due to my debt service ratio. Tanya worked with me to find the right lenders and guide me through a difficult paperwork process that I could not have completed without her patience, guidance and encouragement. I have reduced my interest, cleared many of my debts and can't thank Tanya enough for all of her hard work. I would recommend her to anyone who has heard "no" too many times from lenders.

By: Bezanson

By: Angela Doyle

After an initial quick message to Tanya and then a call from Anthony we are on our way to a new home!! With Team Wttewaall on your side apparently anything is possible!!! We knew who to call, hence why our home sold after a day! We'll be recommending you two to anyone we know who is in the market for a new home!! #yourchoicehomes #teamwttewaall #newhome #newfurniture#grownuphouse

By: Lynda & Gregg

We made the absolute right choice in selecting Anthony Wttewaall to sell our home! His personal attention, professionalism, and communication of what buyers expect in our price range were keys in getting our home sold quickly. This has been the best real estate experience we have ever had!

By: G. Buckingham

Anthony and Tanya Wttewaall are wonderful people and wonderful to work with. They were both awesome throughout the whole process of buying my home. I've already recommended them to someone. They are just wonderful!!!!!!!!! The home Anthony helped me pick out me and my family could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: M. Patton

Anthony worked with me through the purchase of a new home and sale of my existing home. He quickly learned what I wanted and found it for me in a few days. He directed me in what I needed to do to sell my existing home and it sold very quickly for very close to my asking price when we listed it.

By: Gladston and Alejandra Liveria

My experience with Anthony & Tanya was simply outstanding. My wife and I were looking to downsize to a smaller home in a very limited geographical area. Anthony worked with us on a very personal basis and helped us to understand what we really wanted. Anthony is knowledgeable and always available. He would always show up on short notice and take us to see potential homes. It was his local area knowledge and networking that enabled us to purchase our new home. Tanya helped secure financing with our new home. We did not incur any penalties and we even got a better rate than our previous mortgage. We simply could not have done this without them.

By: Kelly Lee

Thank you for your excellent advice over these past few years, Tanya. You've saved us a lot of money. I continue to recommend you to friends who are looking to buy a house.

By: A. Romo

'Thank you so much for all of your hard work, effort, expertise and time!!! I know this wasn't at all an easy case for you, but we are so appreciative of everything you did for us. Three months ago, owning a house was definitely not something we imagined happening for us any time in the near future. I am glad we had you and your magic wand to make this happen for us!:) It was a real pleasure working with you. Your knowledge, guidance and candour have been extremely appreciated.

By: Brandon Murray

I have been using Tanya's services for about 7 years now. I have bought 3 houses and did one re-finance with her support and guidance. Tanya will not just get you a mortgage approved to make a commission. She will really advise you on what you can and cannot afford, and then follow what ever decision you choose to make. She will spend the time to explain all the details and meet your requests.